Thanksgiving & Baptism 

If you've recently had a baby, congratulations! The Church of England has two opportunities to bring the joy of new life to God and the church. 

First, you can bring the baby to church for a Service of Thanksgiving where we can give thanks for his or her arrival and pray for you as a family together. Many families find that’s just that kind of ‘marker’ they're looking for, and it can also involve any family or friends who will support you and your child as he or she grows too.
Secondly, there is a baptism (which some people call ‘Christening’) in which you make promises for yourselves and your child about your own Christian commitment, into which you will raise your child. That's a serious option and the promises made need careful thought and preparation. (Sometimes people who were not baptised as infants come to faith in Jesus as teenagers or adults and we are also delighted to celebrate their faith through baptism).
If you are interested in either service, the first thing to do is come to church and talk to the Minister afterwards.